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29 January 2009 @ 03:16 am
I'll be taking a hiatus until March, because I need to study hard for the entrance test to University, wish me luck!!

and for the Binus problem, I decided to let it go because I asked my friend that one of her friend Ella (I just met her once, I hope I can meet her again) wants to get in to the same university as i am, and she already got accepted at a private university twice, and she let it go.

It made me re-think my decision, and there are another chance to re-test again, thanks to turtlepark , ichaa  and Alif for the advice, all of them told me to let it go, thanks guys! I hope I didn't make any mistake (and I hope I got accepted at UI, HI or FH are same to me, since I like both of the study)

See you on March!!!

24 January 2009 @ 07:51 pm

I wish you all the best on your 27th year of living!!

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21 January 2009 @ 01:43 am
Last night I was watching news zero (despite lack of my japanese) luckily i'm not late, and then I accidentally hear that they covering a news about plumpang's depot that was exploded last night in my country, honestly it is the biggest explosives i've ever seen because the stuff that explosives is gasoline, and the firefighter needed about 9 hours to stop the fire. okay maybe I only the newscaster said indonesia but then they showed some footage then I am sure that they are talking about the Plumpang's exploding. there is one victim who is believes as the one who in charge that night, my condolences goes to him and his family, may his family given the hardiness.

the cause of the fire is still in investigation, but the effect of the fire is already give an impact to other people, in some gasoline pump they already out of the tipe of the gasoline.

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19 January 2009 @ 01:34 am
Yesterday i was going to Binus university for an entrance test, I took information system as my major because I couldn't get into information technology as my major since I'm from the social science class when I'm in high school. I would say that if I get in it will be my 2nd chioce if I can't get in to the University of Indonesia which is the university that I'm aiming for.Read more...Collapse )
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01 January 2009 @ 04:12 pm
Once again, I posts 2 entry in one day.
but this time I just want to write about my holiday

Since I didn't go anywhere this year, me and my friends went to the theatre twice in two weeks, we watched Twilight and 2 days ago we watched Bolt, I'm glad they don't have any plan to go so I can go with them.

I watched Twilight last week, there are 5 of us, but 2 of my friends already watched Twilight, and they want to watch another movie so they decide to separate with me and my other 3 friends, we watched at PIM 2 (Pondok Indah Mall) and my 2 friends went to PIM (PIM 1 and 2 are a mall that got connected with a skywalk between them, so we can go to both of the mall without need to get out of the mall)

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2 days ago I went to PIM again to watch Bolt. As a dog lover I love movie about dogs

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So the next movie I want to watch is 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' and 'Valkyrie' But........the movie I want to watch the most is YATTERMAN!!!!!

I can't wait until the movie to out!

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01 January 2009 @ 03:16 pm
Today is the first day in the new year, so I want to say

Happy New Year 2009!!! Hope the new year will give us a lot of chances to do a lot of things in our life.

I haven't login for a long time, and I missed everything already, I even forgot to watch arashi's tv show for the last time in 2008
I guess I'll download it later......
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01 December 2008 @ 02:29 am
okay, I'm back from the death....
first of all, I want to wish Riida a happy birthday

Happy Belated Birthday Riida!!!!!!!

so sorry about the late wishing (I even almost forgot, thanks to my friens fiona who remind me about it, blame city vs arsenal)

anyway...finally I GOT MY OWN VAIO CR-353!!!!!! (I'll put some photo soon) thank God there's an exhibition 2 weeks ago, so I'm finally got my B-day present from my parents!!!!!! And also.....

Cesc become the new Arsenal's captain and the result is......
ARSENAL BEAT CHELSEA AT THE STAMFORD BRIDGE, WITH THE FINAL SCORE 1-2!!!!!!! (That explain the title of my entry)
thanks to Robin van Persie!!!!! he scored both of the goal!!!!!!
maybe it's not his debut as a captain, but it is his debut to captain Arsenal in the premier league!!!! There still a chance for us to win the title!!!

aahhh I just love the game, maybe Djourou made a own goal at the 1st half but atleast we won in the end, and......I can have a sweet dream tonight, and I can wear my Arsenal jersey tomorrow ;P haha

maybe I'll make aother post tomorrow it's late here and I'm too sleepy to type,  beside I'm already got my own notebook that means I can post freely wihout my brother bothering me!!!!! YAY!!!!

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07 November 2008 @ 12:16 am

which is sucks, sorry I can't post it right after the match, because I need to run to my room or my mom will mad at me (sorry mom)

I disappointed at Van Persie, there are so many chances to make a goal but he blew it, but not only to him but to all the players who missed their shots. And next Saturday, MU will come to Emirates Stadium, and I really really hope that we're going to win,

1. we need a victory, we lack of it since we had a draw with that tottenscum bastard
2. players need a victory so it will boost up their hopes to win the tittles, well for the supporters too
3. MU is our rival
4. I'm going to watch the match with my fellow Arsenal Indonesian Supporters, my cousin that soo nice that she want to accompany me, since it will be my first time to watch the match together with the other supporters, and we have a company which is IndoManutd or MU's Indonesian supporters.

that's why we need a full 3 points next Saturday, and I really-really scared because I'm not sure if Arsenal going to win it
I'm happy though hearing that MU had a draw too with Celtic (honestly I want Celtic to win the game, and that's something that everyone already know)

well the last resort is a DRAW, NOT LOSE BUT A DRAW

Let's hope that Vela, and Bendtner will score a lot of goals into Van Der Sar's net

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06 November 2008 @ 03:30 am
Continuing from the last post, *Warning there's some swear word inside, I'm sorry for the inconvenience*

Update: Arsenal vs Fenebahce HT  0-0
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I miss Senderos, I miss watching him play for Arsenal,

and I got broke for Beautiful Days single.

OH, I almost forgot to tell this, CESC HAD A HAIRCUT!!!!! Well finally...... And I'm allergic to Hleb haha *sneezing* see?!

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06 November 2008 @ 03:05 am
Hello again!

the past weekend is sucks, Arsenal lost, Massa lost, and I almost cry because of it, I even didn't watch the rest of the Arsenal match, its just too painful and RvP got a red card. And as for the Brazil GP, it's more painful than watching Arsenal (for anyone who watched it, you'll know how I felt about it), and tonight its happening again, Lewis VS Massa! You are probably asking why, because Lewis is a GOONER just like me, and Massa is supporting Fenerbahce, ironically Lewis and I have a lot in common, for example we both a gooner, then we both love to be f1 driver (fyi, my dream is to be a F1 driver, and sadly that dream is dead today, because i need a whole lot of money to reach it)
and we both have the same F1 idol, Ayrton Senna ( I swear when I said that I idolize Senna to myself, I didn't know that he's also Lewis's)
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'll continue to the next post because you'll be bored to read too long post
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